Bamboo Travel Set

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 Eco-Friendly silverware set made from organic bamboo. Reusable utensils with pouch! Zero Waste Fork Spoon Knife Flatware Set!

 ANTI-BACTERIAL – Unlike plastic and silverware utensils, bamboo has inherent antibacterial and antifungal properties that keeps this reusable cutlery travel set safe and free from harmful outdoor germs, keeping you healthy.

NON-TOXIC – With wooden eating utensils, you can minimize your intake of harmful chemicals like BPA, commonly found in all plastic items, and plastic nano-particles.

ECO-FRIENDLY  – With bamboo portable utensils, you are not only keeping yourself healthy but also helping in reducing plastic waste and making this world a greener place.

LIGHWEIGHT, HANDY AND PORTABLE – This reusable cutlery set is the perfect product for you if you travel and eat outside a lot. No matter where you go, you’ll always have your bamboo cutulery ready for you. Includes pouch.

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