Ecological Reusable Kitchen Sponge

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Ecological Reusable Kitchen Sponge. New Pure Handmade Multi-layer Natural Loofah Scrubber!  Alternative to traditional kitchen sponges that hold moisture and end up smelling funny. Time to change the kitchen experience in a natural way.

  • Anti-oil Dish Cleaning Brush
  • 3Pcs/Set 
  • Plant based formula to make it last longer
  • dries extremely quick and saves soap

How to Use a Loofah Natural Dish Sponge?

1) Soak the Sponges in hot water for 3 minutes before first use to fully expand and clean with dishwashing liquid, then ready to use.

2) Spin out the water and hang in a ventilated place to dry after using, can be used directly next time.

 3) Due to the natural fiber material, the sponges can be used to clean non-stick pans, smooth dishes & other utensils afraid of scratches, as well as for scrubbing food such as vegetables and fruits.

4) Recommended to replace it every three months, just throw them into the compost bin after you're done with them.

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